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If you want to build a complex or large development of high-tech commercial units, you need to hire the right construction firm to get the desired results. Get in touch with our team at PGB today!

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Residential Projects

We take pride in offering a complete range of residential construction services at competitive prices.

Commercial Projects

With a dedicated team, we can take care of all aspects of your commercial building project, from site planning to resource allocation.

Residential Projects

Your dream residential project is our responsibility. We will manage and execute your entire project from plan approval to handover. From using high-quality materials to incorporating cutting-edge technology and offering practical sustainability solutions, PGB provides the best residential construction services in the whole country. We will plan, construct and manage everything from land preparation and permit acquisition to raw materials sourcing.

Our team will take a proactive approach to your project to increase lifetime cost savings and keep the project on schedule. Your customers deserve the best, and PGB knows how to custom-build new homes to perfection. Let our designers, architects, and engineers support you through every stage of the process. We are dedicated to helping make your customers’ dream homes a reality.

Talk to us today to discuss your ideas and preferences for your next residential construction project!

Commercial Projects

Commercial construction is not just the process of building properties like offices, retail units, or any other commercial buildings. At PGB, we design and construct commercial buildings to make them a worthy investment. Whether you want us to build beautiful office buildings or retail outlets, we’ll give our 100% to every project we undertake. Different scale projects need different talents and skills. PGB has the right construction team with enough experience and professional expertise to handle all sorts of projects.

Our team is highly dedicated, passionate, and focused on offering excellent services from start to finish. We are here to aid our clients with our top-notch commercial building construction solutions and help them develop unique, functional, and futuristic retail centers that are architecturally beautiful and impeccable at the same time.

Get in touch with us today to ensure smooth and hassle-free execution and completion of your commercial projects.

Our Latest Projects

Check out some of the latest projects we have worked on for our clients!

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